Gone. Vanished.

•October 26, 2010 • 1 Comment

Cousin Bob shot the sheriff but it was the Cowboy that got hurt tonight. And it was a clear shot to the middle of the Lone Star’s heart. Tonight’s loss it was not just another game lost, it was not about 1-5, it was not about losing within the walls of your huge coliseum before the entire nation, it was not about losing your starter quarterback. It was about losing hope.

Its gone now. Vanished.

Jerry Jones might be the best owner and general manager of all time (despite the fact he hired cousin Wade to coach his team), and he had a shot to leave his legacy, to achieve something no one ever did. He had the chance to win the superbowl at home, an opportunity of a life time (how many actually had it or will have this chance?). He still can, its not over yet.

But hope is gone. Vanished.

Imagine a win tonight, a statement. The whole country would watch a Cowboys blowout, the fans in the stadium grabbing proudly the star in their jerseys. How many would jump on the bandwagon when they saw Keith Brooking giving The speech next week against the Jaguars? I probably would.

But hope is gone now. Its vanished.

In a few years, when we look back to the 2010-11 Dallas Cowboys, we will either say ‘it was just another football team’ or we will say ‘it was the team who won the superbowl at home’.

But hope is gone. Its vanished.

Do you want to hear me saying it one more time? I guess not.

I’m cousin Paul and I’m gone. Vanished.

Early All Star Game

•October 25, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I couldnt be more excited about this NBA season. I’m a die-hard Celtics fan, anti-Kobe, anti-Lakers, I’m one of those Lebron James fan who reads updates on him like ‘Lebron was hungry, so he ate’. I’m also a huge Shaq fan who always tells Kobe-lovers that Shaq was the MVP during all three finals he won with Kobe. So if you ask me, my life as an NBA fan in 2010-2011 season couldnt get any better: Shaq is in town, Lebron will have a real shot to win many rings and make my life easier when I argue in his behalf in the matter of ‘best player ever’, its almost too good to be true.

Quoting Bill Simmons : “Rule No. 6: Once you choose a team you are stuck with that team unless one of this condition applies: c) You followed your favorite college star (and this has to be a once-in-a-generation favorite college star) to the pros and supported his team.” I know Lebron didnt went to college but he is that guy for me, I will support his team. I’m still a Celtics fan but I just cant help myself rooting for Lebron to win the MVP, to win a ring, to score at the buzzer, to beat Kobe, to prove himself.

Enough said about me, lets focus on opening day, Tuesday. It’s an early All-Star game. Starting lineups: Rondo, Allen, Pierce, KG, Shaq; cousin Mario Bros, Wade, Lebron, Bosh, cousin Joel. The 2009 NBA All-Star Game contained 7 of this players and that does not include Rondo. Im telling you this Heat-Celtics matchup is an early All-Star game, congratulations to David Stern and the NBA, there isnt a better game to start one of the most awaited NBA seasons of all time.

Its been said that Miami is Wade’s team and Lebron’s kingdom, but make no mistake, Bosh is not my cousin (and not just because he looks like a dinosaur from Jurassic Park and I dont), this guy can play. To me Bosh’s future role comes down to two options: he could be Jerry Rice, catching balls from Joe Montana and Steve Young, winning championship rings, hall of famer or he could be Jason Varitek (no, I’m not calling the captain of my beloved Red Sox ‘cousin’, not happening) cacthing balls from Pedro Martinez and Josh Beckett (2007, 20-win Josh Beckett), winning championship rings but nothing else. Anyway I’m happy for the guy, after all he is winning championship rings.

This is cousin Paul and dont call me Tuesday (for multiple reasons).

Bad bad Jaguar

•October 19, 2010 • 1 Comment

Never before a monday night football was more worthy of its title. It’s monday for God’s sake, you worked today, you are going to work tomorrow, so why not throw a crappy football game in between? Here is the movie report for yesterday:

Title: Titans @ Jaguars – Worst show on Earth (turf)

Starring: Cousin Ed, Cousin Collins

Runtime: 42 minutes before you turn off your tv

Plot: A franchise desperate to sell tickets finally hosts a monday night game, get national attention, sell all tickets for probably the first time in team history. Then they blew it. Instead of giving the ball to one of the most exciting players on Earth (turf) MJD they hand it over to cousin David who gets hurt, then they give the ball to the new guy that no one likes, recently unemployed, cousin Ed. They lose 30-3, everyone goes home angry and sad and try to sell their jerseys on ebay to some teenager in Asia.

Bottom Line: No one is really disappointed. After this year’s draft when they had the chance to pick the most exciting player to ever play in the NCAA, Heisman winner, BCS champion, Tebow, who lived in Jacksonville and played for Florida Gators in Gainesville, 90 minutes away from Jacksonville. Why draft Tebow and sell more jerseys in a month than you did from 1995 to 2009? Its not like your franchise is dying or anything. There is no need. You can draft cousin Auau instead. Its ok.

I would love to read angry fan emails from Jacksonville but I’d be surprised if there’s still one out there. On the other hand, if you are a Florida Gator fan, and could have the chance to drive 90 minutes and see the best college player ever, the heart and soul of your team for the past 3 years, your personal hero, who would still give an emotional speech after a disappointing loss and clap his hands like an alligator after each Jaguars touchdown, but you cant, cause the Jaguars drafted cousin Abubu instead, send me an email, I feel your pain.

This is Cousin Paul, thanks for reading, come back soon and eat at my new restaurant chain TGTGIOAIF (Thank God The Game Is Over And Its Finally) Tuesday.