History Lesson

I’m gonna start this one by giving non-baseball fans a piece of advice: learn what ERA means and start getting excited whenever you hear ‘that one is outta here!’ cause we might not have NFL this year and its going to be a long winter if you dont have a team to complain/brag about during holydays while your cousin (no, not cousin Paul, your other cousin) tells you all the annoying jokes in the world. Either that or buy a videogame and dont show up at all (I’m seriously considering the last one even though I’m a baseball fan).

I remember the days when it used to be hard being a Red Sox fan. People would come to you and say “The Red Sox? Is that the team that hasnt won in many many years? Whats wrong with them? Why cant they win?” and you could give them a million reasons but deep inside you didnt knew why, why cant the Sox win God?

Those days are gone. The movies used to mock us, now there are movies about us. We were history, now we have made history. We used to pray to end the curse, now we know that aint no curses.

For the first time since I can remember before the opening day we were the favorites to win the World Series, thats right, the forever underdog Boston was the favorite! Then the season started and we lost three straight.

Back in 04 no one believed in us, and we did it. In 07 no one thought we could do it again, we did it. Now they are saying Papi is old, Papelbon isnt reliable, Lackey isnt the same, Pedroia is hurt, Beckett is done…

Well, in my humble opinion, they should do a little less talking a little more reading, cause if history has taugh us anything, is that you cant count the Sox out, just because they are 0-3.

I’m cousin Paul and history hasnt taught me anything, but the Red Sox taught me to believe.

~ by tacklethespread on April 5, 2011.

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  1. GO JAYS

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