March Madness by Stan Lee

There is not much else to talk about in March other than March Madness, but before we jump into that I’d like to point out that March has already gone mad and I have four heavily strong arguments to support that:

#1 The two time MVP King James missing three buzzer beaters in a row while Channing Frye, thats right, Phoenix Suns Center, hits two in a row to beat the clock and win the game. Sick.

#2 Take a look at THIS DUNK . Really, its worth. Blake Griffin dunks all over 6′ 11” Marcin Gortat almost from the free throw line and the ref calls an offensive foul. What the hell man?! Give him the Oscar, Nobel Prize, Emmy, I dont care but dont give him an offensive foul for that otherwise lets change the NBA slogan from ‘Where the amazing happens’ to ‘Where dull offensive fouls are called for apparently no reason’. Sick.

#3 As yall know I live in Rio de Janeiro and a few weeks ago we had one of the best parties in the world: Carnival. I was unfortunate enough to see my beloved QB, the 36 TDs 4 INTs, MVP of the season, Tom Brady doing this . I mean, we get it. You can split the cover 2, you can complete that narrow pass to whoever Reevis is guarding, you are a superbowl champion but that doesnt give you the right to dance like that. You cant do samba, nobody will judge you if you just stand there and if somebody asks why you are not moving your feet you just answer “I’m here with my wife, Gisele Bundchen”, but if you try and fail like this, oh boy.. sick.

#4 Last but not least, the NCAA will not allow Blue II, thats right, that cute little harmless bulldog, mascot of Butler Bulldogs in court against Wisconsin. Why? I really dont know but if you tell me why they wont allow the bulldog but they let the WVU mascot, a musketeer with a loaded weapon in, I will get back to you. Sick.

Now I will share with yall a secret about March Madness: Stan Lee came up with it. What? That dude from comic books? Yep, hear me out: March Madness, Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four. Now check this: Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Dr. Otto Octavius (aka Octopus), the Invincible Ironman, Wonder Woman, DareDevil, and the best of all J. Jonah Jameson Jr. Sick.

This is Cousin Paul and Im feeling sick of all this madness, or it could be all that 24/7 drinking at carnival, who knows?


~ by tacklethespread on March 23, 2011.

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