The hunger

I miss NFL. Sure, I miss College Football too but saturdays are fun. How many sad songs do you know about saturdays? This gotta tell you that even if you miss college football you will find something to do saturday. Sundays are a whole different story and Im really worried that I might write a sad sunday song.

Luckily NBA was kind enough to schedule Heat @ Celtics yesterday so I wouldnt become the next bitter person to write a song about my feelings or something totally irrelevant. Instead I’m writing this post, thats nearly as irrelevant as my song would be but I’m guessing you will read it anyway so its a marketing decision.

Watching the game I thought about this Celtics team and what an amazing sucess they are displaying since the trade back in 2007. Check out this: First year, championship, it doesnt get any better than that. Second year was injury-plagued and resulted in a 4-3 playoff loss to Orlando BUT it was Rondo’s breakthrough season so no love lost there. Third year we were underdogs in the East and made it to the finals losing that unholy game 7 by four points. Fourth year, so far top of the east baby.

So, whats Boston’s secret? Why are they so good? I got 5 theories, you can support one or more if you like. Here it goes:

1-Big Three’s desperation for a championship or just call it the hunger. Lets start with Paul. You just cant question Paul’s will to play, to win. We are talking about a guy who was stabbed ELEVEN times in late september of 2000, got back to the gym a few days later and then was the only Celtic to play through all 82 games that season. If that doesnt prove that you wanna play the game and win a ring, I dont know what does. Now Ray. Drafted by the Bucks and then stuck in a franchise that eventually was going down, Ray always did his part. All those 3s dont come without a ton of practice and hard work. If you ever watched this guy play you know he runs the whole time, its nearly impossible to guard him. Reggie didnt win a ring but he made the finals, Ray deserved that much too. KG. What can you say? MVP, defensive player of the year, and a part of those amazing power forwards group that wears #21 jersey. This guy will kill for his teammates and he was mvp caliber stuck in a cursed city, he needed to get out of there, he needed his chance. So yeah, Celtics organization put 3 great players together but here is what I really think its a great part of their sucess: the clock is ticking. They are all over 30, not getting any youger, its kind of a ‘now or never’ scenario, or just call it ‘the hunger’.

2- A freak show bench. Thats the beauty of the Boston Celtics. They may suck at times but they run the show for the fans. You have a freak of nature midget who dunks all over the place and has like 25 handshakes for every timeout called, a fat guy (who doesnt like fat guys playing professional sports?), until last year they had a redhead who would trash talk the lakers even though he hasnt played more than 5 minutes per game, a guy that does a one-legged dance or whatever terrell owens touchdown celebration after every three he makes. Really, what else do you need as a fan? Also, yeah, after 22 years without a title, the fans feel ‘the hunger’ too.

3- Ubuntu. When 3 stars come along to play togheter its never easy, they have to sacrifice touches, stats, money but basically it comes down to teamwork. They could have used that as their mantra but why use ‘teamwork’ if instead you can use a cool african word that is a lot more intimidating to those facing you? Why? Ubuntu, or just call it ‘the hunger’ (and no, thats not an african joke, its just a writing technique called repeating your title throughout paragraphs so it can make sense.)

4- Ray’s Mom. If you are the one who made the most 3’s in the history of the game and yet your mommy attend to nearly every single game you play, you gotta win a championship and wear a ‘Im a champion’ sweater cause its chilly outside and you dont want to get a cold. You have to give 100% night in and night out cause you know, your mom’s there. Its brillant, although I wouldnt recommend this to Artest’s mom just in case he decides to throw a punch at everyone in the crowd. I cant call this ‘the hunger’ cause if you are hungry mommy will make you a sandwich and bring you a glass of milk.
5- Doc. This guy is smooth. He should be wired for life, make it a reality show, I dont care. Everything this guy says is smart. 4th quarter, close playoff game he wouldnt even need a clipboard he would just say something like that: “Paul, they cant bring you down, they tried to stab you, they tried to suck the life out of you by keeping you so many years without a shot at the championship, but hey, your time is now, we trust you, aye aye my captain! KG, they need you out there, your teammates are your family so go out there, play D, grab that board, punch someone I dont give a crap just get it done, you my man! Ray, think about your beloved ones, look in the crowd, your mom’s there, she came here to watch you nail this, she wants the W, go out there, hit the game winner and go give her a hug. Ok guys ubuntu on 3.” A guy who gives a motivational speech every timeout wants to win badly, and yes, you can call it ‘the hunger’.

This is cousin Paul and depending on how it goes by the end of the season I might be hungry enough to write more on the Celtics.


~ by tacklethespread on February 15, 2011.

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