Paul the Octopus

This NFL season is like a drunken fight: we dont know why, we dont know the next moves and we definitely dont know how its gonna end. For mental sanity purposes I’m not going to say “what if” in this post. Instead, lets take the divisions for a spin.


As usual they are punished with tough schedules since they have to play each other twice and this season was even worse. Washington improved with one of the best coaches in the league and McNabb playing under center instead of cousin Jay; Dallas started the season with the best group of players in the NFL (and somehow managed to fall 1-7, sick); Philly has Michael Vick, 21 TDs in 9 games, MVP candidate, Comeback Player of the Year for sure. New York’s improved D is currently 2nd in yards/game, allowing only 290.8 per game.

Prediction: Giants. I’m sorry Vick but you will play the Giants in New York and you still have to play the Cowboys twice and now they are actually using the real plays and no one is mentally challenged in their coaching staff anymore.


This should be closer than it is. Da Bears are playing some really good D and somehow managed to be 9-3. The Packers only had 4 losses: 2 in OT, and 2 by three points. The Vikings are 5-7 but you know they can play right? AP surely knows it.

(I cant talk about the Lions cause I promised I wouldnt say ‘what if’ but they are probably the best negative record team. They are 2-10, I know, but…)

Prediction: Packers. Even though Chicago is ahead with a 9-3 record I’m still not convinced. Also I dont like their chances of improving since they face: Pats, Jets, Vikes away and Packers away. Chicago fans, beware: 9-7 wont make the playoffs in the NFC, but dont blame me, blame the NFC West. Speaking of it…


Dear NFL, do you really need to send one of this “teams” to the playoffs? I mean, Kurt Warner is gone, is there any reason at all to watch this division? Raise your hands who would miss the NFC West. No one? Thought so.

Prediction: Seattle. Pete Carroll is dominant as a college football coach, I think we all agree with that, so he should be able to beat the Rams at home in PAC-10.. err NFC West finals, giving his team a shot at the BCS… Superbowl.


A lot of tough breaks for Tampa. I mean A LOT, specially now with CB Aqib Talib and C Jeff Faine on IR. I dont mean to play the ‘what if’ card but this Bucs coaching staff did a hell of a job so far and Josh Freeman is getting better week after week. Judging by the way this team is playing right now you cant rule them out of the Wild Card race just yet.

Prediction: Atlanta. They are 10-2 and they play Carolina twice. This one is easy money at this point.


Another great division. Baltimore and Pittsburgh are the top D’s in the AFC (points per game), Cincy has been a disappointment so far and the Browns might be the best 5-7 team in the league. Defense wins championships? The 06 Bears dont think so. The 2000 Ravens disagrees. Its hard to tell. You can ask Ray Lewis if you are brave enough, I’m not.

Prediction: Pitt. Three games at home, with this weather that fits their game perfectly, one game ahead already, there is just no way Baltimore wins the division.


Jacksonville is 7-5. Believable? Sure. Jacksonville is first, Indy is second, with a 6-6 record. Say what? Yep. Really? Yep. Mark Sanchez is Captain Comeback now, not Peyton. Come again? Yep. Are you kiddin me? I wish. Here is what I think its happening: Indy stopped caring and I dont blame them. I mean, at some point, after 5-10 years, they have seen Peyton single-handed take over and win so many ball games that right now they dont care if they are losing by 20 at the end of the third, cause if Peyton is still breathing he will find a way to win the game, right? Not if he is throwing 15 interceptions in 13 games. Houston and Tennessee are still in the mix with a 5-7 record, not impressive though.

Prediction: Colts. I cant be a respected writer if I say Jax, so I’m just trying to earn your respect, help me out here and believe.


Talk about home field advantage, KC is 6-0 at home and sitting at the top of this division with an 8-4 record. Oakland is the biggest mistery of the NFL, one week they lose at home to Miami, then they beat the Chargers at San Diego with a 13 spread. I cant talk about the Raiders, they are just so shady. San Diego will play KC this sunday at home (I really dont know if that matters anymore) and thats their game of the year. Denver sucks.

Prediction: KC. I simply can not stand the Chargers going to the playoffs just to beat the Colts and then lose to whoever comes next.


Hell Yeah! 10-2 game of the year 45-3. Thats Right baby, New England Patriots. Rex Ryan, Hard Knocks, there is no hype. They are good, I know, they’re just not Patriots good. Do you know who is Tom Brady’s wife? Take a look. If this guy can nail this girl, man he can win ball games. Nuff said.

Prediction: Pats. I’m a homer, thats all I can say for myself. GO PATS!

I’m cousin Paul and if you dont like my predictions, check again next week. I wont change my mind but you might.


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