The Other Story

Michael Vick. He is the biggest story of this season so far, no doubt. I mean, he scored 15 touchdowns in 6 games, no interceptions thrown, 62.7% completion and that is what the story is all about, it speaks for itself and you dont need me to tell you. But I gotta tell you the other story.

The Other Story

Chapter One: Vick was the first overall pick of the 2001 NFL draft. He was selected before LT, Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith, Chad Ochocinco, Drew Brees, Seymour, among others. Thats how big he was.

Chapter Two: He is dynamic, explosive. The only way you can understand what happens when Mike gets the ball is through the Michael Vick Experience.

Chapter Three: Tough break for Mike. Two years away from the game, away from the league, away from society. There is no get out of jail free card, Mike is done.

Chapter Four: Nope. Mike isnt done. Not yet. They can take you away from the game for two years, then pay you a minimum contract to be a third string quarterback. They can make you wait, sit on the bench, watch as someone plays your game. Its ok, cause when they look you in the eyes they will know what you have always known.

Chapter Five: He did it. He is back and he is currently the best player in the world. That is what I call a comeback. The thing about sports is that sometimes passion finds a way to overcome the odds, its such a joy to watch.

Chapter Six: I could end this book of Mike (not book of Eli) calling him a cousin because thats what I do, but I cant. Right now, he could be saying something like that: “Yeah! Thats right! Look at the boxscore bitches! Yall cant stop me, every time you knock me down I’ll get up and score again and again. Yall linebackers can hit me and try to take me out of the game but I’ll bounce back every fiiing time and rip your ***sses cause thats just how good I am. The cops can try to keep me away but jail wont stop me, no one can stop me, so dont bother trying bitch.” – Instead, here is what he is saying: “God Can Turn Mistakes Into Miracles” (via twitter @Mike Vick).

Vick could be just another athlete with an ex-convict tag, instead he chose to be better, he is a role model. Lebron said “Mike Vick for PRESIDENT!!” (via twitter @KingJames) I wouldnt go that far but if you ever feel like you are all out of chances, that the odds are against you, that no one believes in you anymore, drop it, think of Michael Vick and come up with a plan to bounce back and prove them wrong (that sounded like cousin emo).

I’m cousin Paul and if you try to shut me up I’ll knock you down, yall cant stop me, your bullets cant kill me. I’m not humble, Vick is, sorry.


~ by tacklethespread on November 20, 2010.

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