Be selfish.

Everyone watched NBA opener Celts-Heat but I’m guessing few watched today’s Heat-Sixers. I did. The same off-season (post The decision) questions remains: How will they co-exist? Who will take the final shot? Will role players hit open shots in close games? We dont know. Not yet. Still, I do have a few answers, just not to these questions.

I’m going to assume that I’m a better coach than cousin Erik (and I’ve never coached basketball) – WARNING: I said that about Doc Rivers and now I’m glad he’s coaching my beloved Celtics – and tell you my ‘instant championship formula’ in three (one) easy steps:

1. Be selfish. Lebron averaged 8.6 assists per game last season and Wade 6.5 and they had to play selfish. These numbers show that both Bron and Wade will make the right play. They dont think like brotha JR Smith must-shoot-every-ffffing-time-i-get-the-ball (cant call him cousin with all that tattoos), they are supreme athlethes and understand the game in a superior way. Right now, they are committed to make the extra pass. Dont. Make the pass, forget about extra ones, here is why: they are overthinking the fact that they are playing with each other, I mean, sure, if you are playing with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, you want to give them the ball, but hey, dont forget that you are Lebron James, meaning they want you to finish (all possible combination of mad libs switching names here works). Dont think pass first, think I’m Lebron/Wade/Bosh first, assists will come naturally.

2. Play man-to-man D (the ‘be selfish’ version of D). How many times we have seen Lebron away from his man coming out of nowhere to block someone? How about Wade stealing the ball? And they did it playing 1-on-1 defense. They are so good that they can defend their man and still be aware of the ball and make the right play with the perfect timing. Once again cousin Erik is trying to turn this into a team thing. Dont. Be selfish on D.

3. Bosh, be selfish. He averaged 24 points per game with 51.8 FG% and 79.7 FT% in 09-10 season, meaning he does have a sweet touch. He can score, he excels at scoring. Cousin Erik knows that and he is asking Bosh to do something he never did in 7 great NBA years. Bosh is not a post up/pick and roll guy, you cant give him the ball with his back to the basket and expect him to perform at the same level. So dont. Be selfish, Bosh.

That was my 3-step priceless win a championship formula. Why am I revealing it for free, one might ask. I guess I’m just a selfish guy that wants to see the most amazing NBA trio playing at their best.

This is cousin Paul and here is some piece of advice: Do something selfish today, you’ll feel better tomorrow.


~ by tacklethespread on October 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Be selfish.”

  1. hahah i am going to take this advice into my rec league basketball game tonight

    i will not pass

  2. This goes to my
    Articles Museum .
    Hope you don’t mind.

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