Gone. Vanished.

Cousin Bob shot the sheriff but it was the Cowboy that got hurt tonight. And it was a clear shot to the middle of the Lone Star’s heart. Tonight’s loss it was not just another game lost, it was not about 1-5, it was not about losing within the walls of your huge coliseum before the entire nation, it was not about losing your starter quarterback. It was about losing hope.

Its gone now. Vanished.

Jerry Jones might be the best owner and general manager of all time (despite the fact he hired cousin Wade to coach his team), and he had a shot to leave his legacy, to achieve something no one ever did. He had the chance to win the superbowl at home, an opportunity of a life time (how many actually had it or will have this chance?). He still can, its not over yet.

But hope is gone. Vanished.

Imagine a win tonight, a statement. The whole country would watch a Cowboys blowout, the fans in the stadium grabbing proudly the star in their jerseys. How many would jump on the bandwagon when they saw Keith Brooking giving The speech next week against the Jaguars? I probably would.

But hope is gone now. Its vanished.

In a few years, when we look back to the 2010-11 Dallas Cowboys, we will either say ‘it was just another football team’ or we will say ‘it was the team who won the superbowl at home’.

But hope is gone. Its vanished.

Do you want to hear me saying it one more time? I guess not.

I’m cousin Paul and I’m gone. Vanished.

~ by tacklethespread on October 26, 2010.

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